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Introducing FireFan Sports Games App – First Ever Live Interactive Game

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

The FireFan sports games app is attracting gamers and players from all corners of the earth. So many have waited so long, in anticipation, for the official rollout. And now it’s right around the corner. Are you a sports fan? Do you like games and apps? Is social interaction something that you do? How about fun and friendly competition? If you like any of those things then you will like Firefan. If you like all of those things then you will be among our elite fans on fire!

It’s an exciting time. There are a lot of arm-chair quarterbacks out there who like to call the plays. Is that you? So test your skills and your know-how with our live interactive game. Call the plays… if you call them right you get points. Go for the top of the leaderboard so you can prove you’re king! Bragging rights within your circle of friends how cool is that?

So who’s ready for game day? Check out this cool video and get amped up about the FireFan sports games app.

This site is for you, the fan.

Follow us to stay current on all the FireFan news and updates. Right now you can pre-register and take advantage of the early bird incentives. Get your name in now and be among the first to play, You’ll be notified by text when it’s time to download the app from the app store.

The app has not gone live yet. Did we mention that? As of the date of this writing, the app is still in its final testing stages. It’s built. No worries there. It’s been built. They are just making certain all is good to go, but here’s the really astonishing part. Given the fact that the app is not live yet, what’s it say about the anticipation levels knowing there are hundreds of thousands of pre-registered players anxiously waiting for the day it gets turned on. Hundreds of thousands waiting to download our app the minute it is released. Now that’s exciting!

Celebrities and Athletes Love FireFan Sports Games App too!

Scores of celebrities and athletes are just as excited as the rest of us. We see them posting on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We see their videos shouting out to their followers to get in and play, and we hear the excitement in their voices! Athletes have a competitive nature and they want to show off their play calling skills too. We see them gathering up the troops to see who’s king of the sports games app world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this? It’s just good old-fashioned fun and games. Good for the whole family!

Our game is unlike anything else out there now. It’s new technology with a twist. Engaging with live events and calling the plays opens up a whole new market, and you’re hearing about it first. Everyone’s talking about it and it’s not even released yet. So let’s get you registered now, get you on a team in a league, get your play gear ready, and let’s do it.

firefan sports games app

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