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The Latest and Greatest in Mobile Games App Technology Is Upon Us

Mobile games app technology has just gone to the next level. This is a new frontier, and it’s exciting.

‘Static’ apps vs ‘Real-time’ apps… what’s the difference and what’s all the excitement?

With static apps, the content (essentially user experience) changes only when the user initiates a mobile games apppcommand …. such as clicking a button, requesting a new page, or reloading something. That is the only time new information is presented. Real-time apps on the other hand, are connected to artificial intelligence systems and business analytics systems. They use real-time and historical data to analyze and predict user needs. This is a significant leap in technology advancements and completely enhances the mobile games app play.

Real-time play has not taken over … yet. It’s still relatively new. Static apps have yet to give up their monopoly. The real-time technology is complicated and expensive, but change is coming. Costs are dropping with more innovative discoveries all the time. The necessary live data feeds that used to cost into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, are now a fraction of that.

The real-time mobile games apps themselves still cost more to develop, but those gaps are beginning to close as well. There are a lot of variables that contribute to these costs.  The necessity to access massive amounts of data and “pull it in”, server banks that are mind boggling, testing, configuring, and teams of technicians to operate it all are just a few of those. High-quality real-time apps need to be fast, precise, and provide accurate information.

These advancements have led to exciting new creations in the gaming world.

“Audience experience” features, as opposed to “user experience”, has been introduced with Mark Mongie’s new projects, for example. Mark has spent a great deal of time recentlymobile games app developing a new mobile sports games app that engages in real-time with live sporting events.

These new developments rely on real-time data collection on the field. Serving this data up to mobile devices in record speeds has resulted in amazing never done before gaming applications. Users “guess the plays”, also know as “calling the shots” while watching live. It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it’s just an all-around new and engaging activity for single, family, or large group play.

One benefit the mobile games app has over a TV broadcast, for example, is the integration with social activities like chat’s, newsfeeds, and messages. Just imagine joining one of your favorite celebrities games and being able to chat with that person while you are playing the game with them. Do you think that would add some special characteristics to your gaming experience.? Or maybe playing the game at a family get together and bantering or talking smack back and forth.

Real-time functionality is definitely where mobile is headed.

mobile games app

Users will come to expect their mobile applications to be real-time. As the technology continues to become more cost-effective, you can expect this category to grow, and more and more live and “engaging” products to emerge.

Want to experience real-time technology for yourself? Now you can download and play Mark Mongie’s new mobile sports games app called ‘Firefan’. Do this now and through this link and you’ll get complimentary free game tokens and you’ll be among the first to play!
mobile games app

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