Firefan Sports Game Evolution Is Under Way

The Firefan Sports Game app is becoming all that we hoped it would, and more exciting things are right around the corner.

We are now going on our 2nd month of the Firefan sports game and right in the middle of the best part of the NFL season … the playoffs! I play a lot of games and thoroughly enjoy them. It’s fun and competitive and there are a lot of different leagues to play in depending on what your tastes are. The app has not been without hiccups or glitches by any means. The first week was horrible but it didn’t take them long at all to whip it into shape.

Now the game is awesome. There are still the occasional blips but most of that is actually due to the 3rd party data feed company (which happens to be one of the best in the world) and not the app. Some of that will not be avoidable ever it’s just something that comes with interactive live play. Much of it hinges on the data coming to them from the NFL. Remember this is live data feed stuff and pretty complex. But these little issues I mention are hardly noticeable anymore.

There are a lot of different MVP’s (celebrities and pro athletes) with leagues to play in, so whatever your FireFan Sports Gamefavorite team and/or player you can choose those to play in. There are also non-profit organizations, charity organizations, and good cause organizations sponsoring their own leagues, so there are plenty of options to choose from. This weekend I’ll be playing in the Detective Jerry Walker foundation game in support of him and his family. He was killed in the line of duty recently and our company United Games is donating a match of all the game token proceeds to the cause.

NBA is Here!

They have just launched the NBA games to go along with the already existing NFL games so that adds some variety and a lot more games …. games every day now and depending on who your team is or your overall love for sports will determine how often you play. This is just the beginning. Lots of new sports and features coming yet.

At this time we are still waiting on the full featured app which will include the advertisers click to get FireFan Sports Gametokens, and the loyalty rewards system. The app is just a shell of what it will become, and yet it’s a blast to play now already! I’ll leave a link below for you to click and join my league inside the app. The league name is Team United and it’s free to download and join, plus you will get enough free tokens for 6 games right now so that’s pretty cool.

All in all, I’m pleased with the progress and development of our FireFan sports game app and I’m very much looking forward to see what goodies are still in store for us. Some of my league games get 50 –75 players so the live chat feed and the leader boards add a great element to the game. Think you’re good at calling plays? Can you handle a little smack talk? Lets see what you got. Click the link below to get started and I’ll see you in the game!

Click Here To Download FireFan. (Make sure you register first before going to the app store!)

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What is FireFan? Get A FireFan Review Here

Have You Heard of FireFan Yet? It’s Trending on Twitter and Climbing the App Store Ranks

So What is FireFan?

FireFan is a new state of the art, next generation mobile sports game app, being introduced into the gaming world by app development company United Games.

This new game is raising eyebrows in the industry. We have the latest advancement in technology that allows live interaction. The ability to engage with the sports event you are watching on TV, or live, has never been done before.

Do you think you know your team? Test your knowledge. We predict the upcoming plays seconds beforewhat is firefan they happen. Predict right, and win points to climb leader boards, compete with friends and family, and even play alongside your favorite celebrities.

Take your fandom to the next level and show everyone who the boss is. Stake your claim as the best home town fan and be the #1 on the leader board.

What is FireFan? It’s the new game in town. A better way to play. It is the most engaging sports game app developed yet. In addition to all the fun you’ll have playing along with friends, family, co-workers, pro athletes and celebrities, you can also play for loyalty rewards. The more you play, the more rewards you’ll earn. Cool stuff like caps, T’s, jerseys, signed memorabilia, and much more.

Where Is FireFan?

It’s at the app stores for a simple download. It’s also trending on social media, and it’s on the mobile device’s of tens of thousands of fans already. But FireFan is just getting started.

FireFan introduced itself with the NFL and MLS apps. Coming shortly are all the additional sports you can think of, starting with NBA, MLB, and Premier Soccer. This is a game for everyone with global reach and is already attracting people worldwide. Unlike other sports games that might be appealing to the more hard-core fan, FireFan is for the average everyday casual fan that loves to watch their favorite team with their favorite friends.

What Else Is FireFan?

And that’s not all. The FireFan app is also a sports social media. Can you imagine a Facebook for sports enthusiasts? Complete with profiles, timeline chat feeds, game chat feeds, like and comment abilities, following and followers, and invitations for game players. You can set up leagues and games and have your own communities. There’s more so check it out for yourself.

So now when you see Firefan all over the place, and you hear people asking “What is FireFan?”, you’ll already know. I’ve just touched on the basics so if you are a sports fan you are going to want to get the rest of the story.

Here’s a short little “What is FireFan” video you might enjoy.


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what is firefan

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FireFan Sports Game App is Live! – First Ever “live” Interactive Sports games App

The FireFan Sports Game App Has Been Launched and is Available for Download at the Apple and Google App Stores.

This is an exciting time for us. An incredible amount of time, effort, and money have gone into the development of the FireFan sports game app and now it’s all coming to fruition.

At this time it is still considered a beta launch product, but it is running smoothly and efficiently. FireFan is an experience you don’t want to miss. It is a better way to play. If you love competing with your friends and earning rewards just for participating, you will love the Firefan sports game app too!

There’s Nothing Else Like Firefan

There is not another sports game app like Firefan on the market I can assure you of that. There are many firefan sports game appthings that make it unique and untouchable. The “live and interactive” aspect is a game changer. It will engage you and consume you. Those of us who are playing now can attest to the enjoyment you will have playing this game. Play with your friends, your family, your co-workers, alone, or in a stadium full of people watching the game live.

You will want to share this experience with your friends. Invite them to play in your games, and you can smack talk with them all you want, even if you are not physically with them.The social aspect built into the game will come to be known in the marketplace as the Facebook for sports lovers. Another totally unique aspect of the Firefan sports game app.

The FireFan Sports Game Is For Everyone

Are you an arm chair quarterback? Do you consider yourself an expert? Or are are you just an average person who enjoys watching your home team play the game. This game is for everyone. You guess the plays just before they happen ….live … while you’re watching the game. Get it right and win!

There are loyalty rewards just for playing! Cool stuff like jerseys and caps, and even sports tickets and firefan sports game apptravel. It all depends on how much you play! You cannot lose, but you can do better than those you are playing against. Bragging rights for the top dog. Leaderboards so everyone knows who can back up their smack talk. Let everyone know who’s who. You can win if you’re good, or you can win if you’re lucky!

The games app business is exploding. You probably already know that. But the Firefan sports game app takes it to a new level. There is nothing else like this. It’s free to download so give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

Watch the cool video below. It’s only 1 minute long. Then click the big green button to download Firefan so you can be the fan on fire!

Firefan Sports Game App






Don’t Just Watch the Game – GET IN THE GAME!

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firefan sports game app



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The Latest and Greatest in Mobile Games App Technology Is Upon Us

Mobile games app technology has just gone to the next level. This is a new frontier, and it’s exciting.

‘Static’ apps vs ‘Real-time’ apps… what’s the difference and what’s all the excitement?

With static apps, the content (essentially user experience) changes only when the user initiates a mobile games apppcommand …. such as clicking a button, requesting a new page, or reloading something. That is the only time new information is presented. Real-time apps on the other hand, are connected to artificial intelligence systems and business analytics systems. They use real-time and historical data to analyze and predict user needs. This is a significant leap in technology advancements and completely enhances the mobile games app play.

Real-time play has not taken over … yet. It’s still relatively new. Static apps have yet to give up their monopoly. The real-time technology is complicated and expensive, but change is coming. Costs are dropping with more innovative discoveries all the time. The necessary live data feeds that used to cost into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, are now a fraction of that.

The real-time mobile games apps themselves still cost more to develop, but those gaps are beginning to close as well. There are a lot of variables that contribute to these costs.  The necessity to access massive amounts of data and “pull it in”, server banks that are mind boggling, testing, configuring, and teams of technicians to operate it all are just a few of those. High-quality real-time apps need to be fast, precise, and provide accurate information.

These advancements have led to exciting new creations in the gaming world.

“Audience experience” features, as opposed to “user experience”, has been introduced with Mark Mongie’s new projects, for example. Mark has spent a great deal of time recentlymobile games app developing a new mobile sports games app that engages in real-time with live sporting events.

These new developments rely on real-time data collection on the field. Serving this data up to mobile devices in record speeds has resulted in amazing never done before gaming applications. Users “guess the plays”, also know as “calling the shots” while watching live. It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it’s just an all-around new and engaging activity for single, family, or large group play.

One benefit the mobile games app has over a TV broadcast, for example, is the integration with social activities like chat’s, newsfeeds, and messages. Just imagine joining one of your favorite celebrities games and being able to chat with that person while you are playing the game with them. Do you think that would add some special characteristics to your gaming experience.? Or maybe playing the game at a family get together and bantering or talking smack back and forth.

Real-time functionality is definitely where mobile is headed.

mobile games app

Users will come to expect their mobile applications to be real-time. As the technology continues to become more cost-effective, you can expect this category to grow, and more and more live and “engaging” products to emerge.

Want to experience real-time technology for yourself? Now you can download and play Mark Mongie’s new mobile sports games app called ‘Firefan’. Do this now and through this link and you’ll get complimentary free game tokens and you’ll be among the first to play!
mobile games app

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Introducing FireFan Sports Games App – First Ever Live Interactive Game

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

The FireFan sports games app is attracting gamers and players from all corners of the earth. So many have waited so long, in anticipation, for the official rollout. And now it’s right around the corner. Are you a sports fan? Do you like games and apps? Is social interaction something that you do? How about fun and friendly competition? If you like any of those things then you will like Firefan. If you like all of those things then you will be among our elite fans on fire!

It’s an exciting time. There are a lot of arm-chair quarterbacks out there who like to call the plays. Is that you? So test your skills and your know-how with our live interactive game. Call the plays… if you call them right you get points. Go for the top of the leaderboard so you can prove you’re king! Bragging rights within your circle of friends how cool is that?

So who’s ready for game day? Check out this cool video and get amped up about the FireFan sports games app.

This site is for you, the fan.

Follow us to stay current on all the FireFan news and updates. Right now you can pre-register and take advantage of the early bird incentives. Get your name in now and be among the first to play, You’ll be notified by text when it’s time to download the app from the app store.

The app has not gone live yet. Did we mention that? As of the date of this writing, the app is still in its final testing stages. It’s built. No worries there. It’s been built. They are just making certain all is good to go, but here’s the really astonishing part. Given the fact that the app is not live yet, what’s it say about the anticipation levels knowing there are hundreds of thousands of pre-registered players anxiously waiting for the day it gets turned on. Hundreds of thousands waiting to download our app the minute it is released. Now that’s exciting!

Celebrities and Athletes Love FireFan Sports Games App too!

Scores of celebrities and athletes are just as excited as the rest of us. We see them posting on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We see their videos shouting out to their followers to get in and play, and we hear the excitement in their voices! Athletes have a competitive nature and they want to show off their play calling skills too. We see them gathering up the troops to see who’s king of the sports games app world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this? It’s just good old-fashioned fun and games. Good for the whole family!

Our game is unlike anything else out there now. It’s new technology with a twist. Engaging with live events and calling the plays opens up a whole new market, and you’re hearing about it first. Everyone’s talking about it and it’s not even released yet. So let’s get you registered now, get you on a team in a league, get your play gear ready, and let’s do it.

firefan sports games app

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