New Sports Games App Demo

A Great New United Games App Demo Is Now Available!

See here the new United Games app demo. It’s fantastic and will give you a good idea of what’s to come! So give it a go and see what you think!

What’s your favorite team? Have more fun watching this season…. you can play right along with them!

Be Among The First To Play

You can be among the first to play.  Get engaged and interact with your favorite team and game on TV. You call the plays … get the plays right and accumulate points for leader boards. Not only that but earn super cool rewards and loyalty gifts as well. Play home alone or with your friends. You can even play in a bar, or in a stadium. I think you’re going to like it!

Furthermore, the built-in invitation engine adds a facebook like social aspect to the game and makes it super easy to connect with and invite your friends. And especially interesting is the “play with a celebrity” feature.

The loyalty program will be a big hit. Players are not used to being rewarded for doing something they would be doing anyway. They are playing because it’s fun, with a flair of competitiveness, and to them, that’s reward enough. But if someone wants to gift them with cool awesome merchandise for doing something they love …well, who wouldn’t consider that another reason for loving the game even more?

United Games App Demo

The game will be free to download at the app stores

Just download and play the game! Pregame play will remain free, but tokens will be required to participate in the live interaction part of the game. Acquiring tokens is easy …either purchase them within the app, or click and view ads and the ad sponsors will provide those tokens. Then just play, and invite your friends to play with you.

The United Games app demo is getting rave reviews, and the anticipation levels since the demo release have already reached a new level. The look and feel of the app appears very user-friendly, and the artwork itself is extremely appealing. Consequently, from what we are seeing thus far, the game app will be a huge success.

United Games App Demo


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