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Have You Heard of FireFan Yet? It’s Trending on Twitter and Climbing the App Store Ranks

So What is FireFan?

FireFan is a new state of the art, next generation mobile sports game app, being introduced into the gaming world by app development company United Games.

This new game is raising eyebrows in the industry. We have the latest advancement in technology that allows live interaction. The ability to engage with the sports event you are watching on TV, or live, has never been done before.

Do you think you know your team? Test your knowledge. We predict the upcoming plays seconds beforewhat is firefan they happen. Predict right, and win points to climb leader boards, compete with friends and family, and even play alongside your favorite celebrities.

Take your fandom to the next level and show everyone who the boss is. Stake your claim as the best home town fan and be the #1 on the leader board.

What is FireFan? It’s the new game in town. A better way to play. It is the most engaging sports game app developed yet. In addition to all the fun you’ll have playing along with friends, family, co-workers, pro athletes and celebrities, you can also play for loyalty rewards. The more you play, the more rewards you’ll earn. Cool stuff like caps, T’s, jerseys, signed memorabilia, and much more.

Where Is FireFan?

It’s at the app stores for a simple download. It’s also trending on social media, and it’s on the mobile device’s of tens of thousands of fans already. But FireFan is just getting started.

FireFan introduced itself with the NFL and MLS apps. Coming shortly are all the additional sports you can think of, starting with NBA, MLB, and Premier Soccer. This is a game for everyone with global reach and is already attracting people worldwide. Unlike other sports games that might be appealing to the more hard-core fan, FireFan is for the average everyday casual fan that loves to watch their favorite team with their favorite friends.

What Else Is FireFan?

And that’s not all. The FireFan app is also a sports social media. Can you imagine a Facebook for sports enthusiasts? Complete with profiles, timeline chat feeds, game chat feeds, like and comment abilities, following and followers, and invitations for game players. You can set up leagues and games and have your own communities. There’s more so check it out for yourself.

So now when you see Firefan all over the place, and you hear people asking “What is FireFan?”, you’ll already know. I’ve just touched on the basics so if you are a sports fan you are going to want to get the rest of the story.

Here’s a short little “What is FireFan” video you might enjoy.


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what is firefan

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